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Project Description

WPF UndoManager provides a simple undo manager that can easy integrate in your Viewmodel and support you using the MVVM-Pattern.

There exists two methods how to use the undo manager.

  • Using an implementation of the ICommand-Interface

    The undo manager provides an implementation of ICommand, specifying a Method that can reverse the Command.
  • Using the INotifyPropertyChanged-Interface

    Using this interface and reflection the undo manager monitors all changes to property's of INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged.

Just two lines of code can provide you a basic undomanager.


Well you can use this library as you want (MIT), but I would be happy if you leave a comment in Feedback and tell me if it is useful and maybe in what kind of project you use it.


  • Write the Documentation Write Documentation for new Functions
  • Monitor Collections.(Current only in source code not in build)
  • Batch multiple Changes.

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